To impart qualitative education and to diffuse knowledge relating to the faculties of Arts, Science, Philosophy, Commerce, sports & fine arts. Our zeal & mission is to make our pupil good human begins who respect their Parents, Gurus & motherland.
To commence the process of inviting educationist for all streams and aid associations devoted to training of all relevant to the Pupils and to undertake all ancillary activities and to enhance and propagate such Education.
To establish upgrade & enhance library facility, establish museums, art gallery, hostels & workshop.
To upgrade labs & gymnasium in the interest of pupils.
To provide medical aid & hospital to check the health.
To create, foster and advance general interest in imparting such Education.
To achieve the above objects, to do all such acts and deeds which are just and necessary and lawfully run the institutions.
To cooperate with any other association or associations, with similar objectives or to amalgamate with such association or associations.