There are 2 libraries exclusively for Primary and Secondary Section. Total no. of books in the Library for primary section is approx 1000. We also have World Book and National Geographic books. Total 12 periodicals and 3 daily newspapers are available for students they are as follows:

  • Robin age  
  • Young explorer
  • Champak–Hindi,Gujarati, English
  • Wisdom
  • Reader’s digest  
  • Competition success review
  • Chandamama – English, Hindi  
  •  Herald of Health
  • Shikshan Sankraman  
  • Sarita (hindi)
  • Suman Saurabh (hindi)  
  • Times of India
  • Navbharat times  
  • Gujarat samachar
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Science Lab

There are 2 well equipped Science Lab exclusively for Primary and Secondary Section to accommodate the students of one division at a time for conducting practical. The students of VIII to X std are allowed to conduct practical individually in the laboratory. Other classes below VIII std students are taken to the laboratory and demos are shown.

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Computer Lab

The Secondary section and Primary Section has updated well equipped computer lab having 24 and 16 computers respectively with all accessories. There are 3 instructors in Secondary Section and 1 in Primary Section. It provides and fulfils the knowledge thirst of our pupils (STD I to X) as per the curriculum. It fulfils their quest to understand the progressive world. The computer lab is like a mother to pupils, who always cares for enhancing the knowledge of their wards. Our staffs always remain busy on their toes to search the novelties around the computer world and are always eager to put them before our pupils. The centre has successfully completed the Astrophysics projects suggested by our Holiness Swamiji with the assistance of computers and its staff.

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Language Lab

Full-fledged language lab is established to improve the vocabulary, pronunciation, and connotation and build up confidence in spoken English. Two special periods has been allotted per week for the optimum use of Language lab. Regular assessment is conducted to certify students’ excellence &

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Tata Interactive System

In order to have the upgraded academic information the school has introduced the Tata Interactive System with one projector in each class to screen various information concerned with the subjects taught. Teachers are trained to handle. One representative from Tata is always available for the guidance on the spot.



Step into our magnificent auditorium, a space designed for grandeur and innovation. Our auditorium stands as a testament to our commitment to fostering creativity and excellence. Hosting a range of cultural events, seminars, and performances, this spacious hall echoes with the vibrant energy of our students and guests. Be it academic conferences or artistic showcases, our auditorium offers an immersive experience for all, providing a platform to nurture talent and celebrate achievements. Witness the convergence of talent, passion, and knowledge in this architectural marvel that inspires and uplifts every soul within its walls.

volley ball court

Play Ground

A sports room is easily accessible to the ground is provided to keep all sports materials. 3 P.T. teachers are in-charge of the set up. Well- equipped First aid box is made available for the students on the ground.

Hobby Classes - Infrastructure

Hobby classess

A hobby can be defined as an activity apart from the ordinary routines of life. Therefore, we have various hobby classes for students to find their interests or passions for the overall development of the students of Std V to X. It includes Athletics, Volley ball, Basketball, Badminton, Yoga, Folk dance, Bharatanatyam, Band and Singing.

Hobby Classes - Infrastructure
Sky observation Dome


Sri Poorna Prajna High School, Dahisar is the first school to have a long- range telescope for the students in Mumbai. The working of this new ‘star gazer’ has given a new zeal and high spirit to our students for Sky observation evening sessions, which are conducted every year between the months of December to February.