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President's Message

- HH Sri Eeshapriya Teertha Swamiji

His message was Karma through Dharma & search for truth. HH emphasized on love for all & hatred for none & treat every individual with love & dignity. Education is the only way to solve the problem of India which is over populated having illiteracy and poverty.  The grassroots level of education i.e. primary should be given great importance.  Enlightened citizens should come forward an assist in establishing such great qualitative institutions.  His greatest dream was to see every child blossom with a smile in the garden of Poornaprajna Educational institutions. HH Swamiji was himself a great freedom fighter.

  • 1. All steps in future should be to inculcate patriotism in the youth.
  • 2. HH Swamiji’s zeal was to ensure sincere efforts being attempted by all to participate in constructive development of the nation.
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